Fire Truck Repairs

We had a long busy day on Wednesday 17th August with some of our friends. 
We picked up the truck and were able to take the missing parts from other trucks in the yard, like ladders lights and sirens now for Jake Fisher at Mawsley EVS to fit them all and test the pump - top bloke!!
Truck was from Soho and It’s only done 62k miles so the engine is smooth and hardly run in yet.
We'd like to say thank you to all the people who have made it happen so far
Leo Mullen at steadfast roofing, Gemma Marshall at Dept of Recruitment, Clive Garrett at Damp Campers and everyone else that has helped too.
Who have given chunks of cash or their time and assistance with the truck or getting fire fighter clothing ready for our Ukrainian departure on the 11th sept.
If Anyone this week (not Thursday) or next who has got a child off school who wants to help peel the stickers off with me? Please let us know.
Cash will not be accepted for taking peoples children to Ukraine at the moment, but short drives in the truck locally maybe available (tbc)
Any fire fighters or medical equipment/ donations can be dropped at the us Wednesday - Saturday. 
Thank you everyone who’s helped me so far, it’s been amazing,