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Collection: Cadet Camp Kit

This section is aimed at Cadets and their Pre/Annual Camp kit lists. It contains most of the required items. Not all items are required for every camp - please refer to your issued list.
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Boonie - Jungle/Floppy/Crap/Field Hat, sized in CM's
Water bottle - 58 Pattern includes plastic cup
First Aid Kit - Personal not Paramaedic, does NOT require Morphine, Tourniquets or equipment for amputations in the field.
Torch - Must be able to give out Red or White light.
Boot Cleaning Kit.
Wash Kit.
Sewing Kit - kit for basic repairs including buttons.
Bungees - Length of Elastic with hooks at either end.
Basha Kit - Tent pegs and Paracord/String for building a shelter.
Webbing - Belt system for carrying essentials inc water, ammunition & Haribo.
Day Sack - Small Rucksack
Bergen - Large Rucksack
Waterproof Notepad
Boot Socks