Project Konstantin - Update 11

Project Konstantin - Update 11

Pete and team delivering desperately needed aid to a village near Bahkmut.

Pete has body armour, helmet and an exit plan. Pete knows he will be sleeping safely out of reach of Russian artillery tonight.

When Pete leaves, the young girl with him will retreat to the basement behind, where she has been living for the past 3 months. That is now her home. She has no armour, helmet or exit plan.

Try to imagine what it is like for these people, try to think what you would need if you were in their position.

Please, look through wardrobes, kitchen cupboards, tool boxes etc. It’s getting really cold there now.

If you’ve got something you can donate, find a local drop off point.

If you are unable to donate, but want to help, please just share.

Whether you donate or share, either can make a difference

Do nothing and nothing changes!



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