4 weeks ago today, a shopkeeper in the UK had a phone call with a volunteer in the Ukraine.
The idea was that if the guy in UK could get a 4x4 full of aid from the UK to UKRAINE, the guy in UKRAINE could deliver it to a desperate area. Although the 4x4 is still in the UK(temporarily), the guy in Ukraine was extremely resourceful and Project Konstantin was born.
Project Konstantin is not a charity, but is full of experience and incredible volunteers.
IN JUST 4 WEEKS This group of amazing people that have come together have raised funds, vehicles and drivers to deliver a huge amount of aid to a desperate area of Ukraine.
Please DON’T donate(costs have been covered), but stay with us, something very special is going to take place imminently.
To Pete, “Happy birthday brother❤️”, to everyone else, please watch the video of this caring and compassionate guy and like, share, follow to see what happens next.